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Hi! I am Jiawei Nice to see you here!

Dark fantasy, Epic and Irish are my favorite music style!

I am a Chinese composer and sound designer who loves fantasy movies and games.

I started learning piano at the age of eight and have always had a love for music. In high school I listened to a lot of moving songs that led me to a future career in music.

So as an undergraduate I studied music recording at Zhejiang Media College in China, learning about mixing, recording songs and composing and arranging music. During this time I recorded my own songs in the school's recording studio, recorded and post-mixed simultaneous sound for films on set, and scored other majors' film and television productions. The recording I did with my classmates won a Sound Academy Award from the China Film and Television Technology Society.

After graduation, I moved to Columbia College Chicago for in-depth scoring studies, which enhanced my expertise in orchestral, electronic and world music. The years of study work also allowed me to become very fluent in Logic Pro X, Sibelius, Pro Tools and Kontakt.

I know I have a passion and love for music, so I will keep learning new things and keep improving so that I can become more and more professional as a composer.

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